With rapidly deployable campus-wide cross connects, you can connect securely to an ecosystem of carriers, partners and customers within Iron Mountain’s owned and operated Meet-Me-Rooms.
Cross Connects - Network cables


With rapidly deployable campus-wide cross connects, you can connect securely to an ecosystem of carriers, partners and customers within Iron Mountain’s owned and operated Meet-Me-Rooms.
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What Are Cross Connects?

A cross connect is a fiber cable that connects a customer’s equipment directly to another customer’s equipment within a data center. Cross connects are cheaper and more reliable than connecting via a conventional telecom network.

Cross Connects at Iron Mountain

As the building blocks of connectivity, cross connects provide critical paths to your workloads and applications. Our rapidly deployable campus-wide cross connects allow you to access an ecosystem of networks, providing lower latency and increased reliability.

Secure Connections

In today’s world, network and information security are paramount. Eliminate hops and connect straight to the providers you need to thrive in a multi-cloud environment by ordering a simple cross connect from you to them.

Interconnection drives a low-latency network as circuits are within the same building. The distance from your gear to a provider is just a few feet and there is no intermediary provider. All cross connects are fiber for max speed.

Reduce Network Costs

Unlike many other colocation providers, Iron Mountain does not overcharge for cross-connects. Stop paying twice for the A and Z sides. With Iron Mountain, there is a one-time setup and a small monthly recurring charge.

Provisioning a Cross Connect

Provisioning a cross connect is simple and fast. Just order a cross connect via the online portal and Iron Mountain will run a fiber cable from your gear to any consenting customer or provider in the building, campus or exchange.


  • Carrier neutral ecosystem
  • Access Epsilon, IX Reach, Megaport, PacketFabric and UnitasGlobal SDN providers
  • Connect to Internet exchanges like AMS-IX, Any2, DECIX, EQIX, LINX, NL-ix
  • Flexible terms and discount bundle options allow you to scale with confidence
  • Low friction provisioning via our self-service portal
  • Provisioning and uptime SLAs
  • Check out all of our Ecosystem Partners here
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US, EMEA and APAC Latency maps

Choose Your Engagement: Connect to Providers of Choice

With Iron Mountain Cross Connects, you can select the monthly service model plan that is right for you:

PAY-PER-USE: We offer ala carte services billed in monthly increments, with a one-time fee for provisioning/de-provisioning. Being month to month, pay-per-use is perfect for any of your temporary Cross Connect needs.

ENTITLEMENTS: For those with ongoing Cross Connect needs, we offer Cross Connect entitlement at a discounted monthly rate based on committed volume, with one-time fees for provisioning/de-provisioning. Any provisioned Cross Connect(s) exceeding the monthly entitlement are invoiced at pay-per-use rate in monthly increments.

Partner Logos


Cloud On-Ramp

Cloud On-Ramp

Iron Mountain Cloud On-Ramp Services connect you to the cloud service provider of your choice. You can leverage our cloud on-ramp port, contract with an SDN partner, secure a dedicated wave or access dark fiber to a regional interconnection port.
Cross Connects - Network cables

Cross Connect

Choose a rapidly deployable campus wide Cross Connect and take confidence in the security, compliance and scalability of an Iron Mountain data center. Provision a Cross Connect to access strategic connection points.
IP Transit - Digital globe

IP Transit

Iron Mountain partners with strategic local, national and global network carriers to provide blended and dedicated IP transit services to our clients that require choice, resiliency and high availability.
Metro Wave - Digital abstract

Metro Wave

Dedicated, diverse and fully tested optical 10 and 100Gbps waves allow you to rapidly scale your connectivity to strategic regional interconnection points for as low as $350 per month.
Peering - Digital landscape


Reach major strategic Internet peering exchange points from a dedicated port within our Meet-Me-Rooms, via our Metro Wave and private transport services, or through one of our SDN partners.
Private Network Transport - Connection tree

Private Network Transport

Rapidly deployable point-to-point L2 connectivity is available between our data centers, strategic connection points, peering exchanges, and other data centers leveraging Iron Mountain’s network backbone.


CBS Interactive Logo


CBS Interactive - Internet Broadcasting

High-Density Colocation, Carrier-Neutral Colocation

Low Energy Consumption, Risk Mitigation, High-Availability


With hundreds of millions of unique visitors from around the world each month, the network was quickly running out of space and required a high-density, scalable data center solution. CBS Interactive not only required a partner that could quickly scale, they also required 100% SLA while maximizing energy and operational efficiencies.


CBS Interactive was able to lower energy consumption by using cost-effective cooling and power. They also reduced risk of natural disasters, availability of economical power, and improved energy utilization. The high-availability systems supported greater density.


“From a network perspective, Iron Mountain is a carrierneutral facility. This allows us the flexibility to improve our overall spend and service by expanding our carrier choices. This flexibility has made a pretty dramatic impact to our total infrastructure costs.”
~Senior Director, IT Operations



Why Choose Iron Mountain?


Faster Time to Market

When you choose Iron Mountain, there’s no need to negotiate with multiple carriers and service providers. We enable you to rapidly provision and access the network services you need, all on one contract.
Negotiate Better Costs

Scale Fearlessly

Iron Mountain has built a network ecosystem that can handle any scale network requirement from 100Mbps to 100Gbps, in one market or across a multi-site global deployment. Connect locally or globally via our portfolio of data centers in strategic markets worldwide.
Proven Track Record


When it comes to network connectivity, you have options. Iron Mountain is carrier neutral. Choose any provider and any route. Select what you need for your business, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Risk Mitigation

Proven Track Record

Iron Mountain has protected mission-critical assets since 1951 and is trusted by some of the most highly regulated industries. We offer federal-grade security and one of the most comprehensive compliance programs in the industry.

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